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Civos Lost Ark Song Guide


Song 1
Song of Escape - Obtained through main quest-line.

Song 2
Anthem of Trizion - Obtained through main quest-line.

Song 3
Song of Courage - Obtained through main quest-line.

Song 4
Cantabile of Heart - Obtained through main quest-line.

Song 5
Song of Temptation - 80% Completion of Yudia (유디아) here is a guide for the zone HERE

Song 6

Serenade of Love - Completing Purple quest-line for Love Island(I think it has a 20 or 40 charm requirement to receive)
Song 7
Twilight Requiem -Easily obtained through 2 minute questline, but the island only comes every 2 weeks, keep track of calendar (In West Sea)
Song 8
Song of Starlight - This one is tough because it requires 50 of a hard to obtain currency. These are somewhat farmable from any of the “hard” mobs in dangerous zone with a low drop rate. After obtaining 50 these can be traded with the NPC on lighthouse island. (You can get a lot from the rarer event islands as a drop)
Song 9
Heavenly Harmony - EVENT Island keep track of calendar comes every few weeks. It will work by obtaining the island’s currency that can be exchanged for boxes which has a chance to contain the song and the island heart. (West Sea)
Song 10
Song of Silence- Obtained through Glacier Island quest-line.
Song 11
Song of Resonance - Trade in for 10 crystals at Paradise Island(Big Boat) to obtain these crystals you have a few options, you can get 3 from chicken island daily (Kill the island boss) there is also a weekly for 6 crystals to obtain 5 wine from shipwreck if you have this daily. The other method is to just farm shipwrecks since these are a common and natural drop of shipwrecks, shipwrecks can be found in any “dangerous” zone.
Song 12
Minuet of the Forest - This requires you to complete the purple quest on Fairy Island, the hard part of this is it requires first song of resonance then to race other players. This is done when the island spawns on the east side there is a wall that opens after roughly 5 minutes, then players have to dash to the circle and play song of resonance, the catch is only the first 15 people will get credit(you will know you get credit by obtaining a box as a reward). You then have to do this successfully for a total of 3 times to obtain the song. This is extremely difficult for slow classes.
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